Presenters’ names are written in orange

08:00 AM – 08:05 AM Opening Remarks Lauren Wilcox PhD
08:05 AM – 08:55 AM Morning Keynote
Harnessing the Power of Visualization for Human-Data Interaction (pdf)
Bongshin Lee PhD
08:55 AM – 09:45 AM Morning Panel
Good Intentions Are Not Enough: Health Informatics Interventions That Worsen Inequality (pptx)(pdf)
Tiffany C. Veinot MLS PhD, Jessica S. Ancker MPH PhD, Courtney Lyles PhD, Andrea G. Parker PhD, Katie A. Siek MS, PhD
09:45 AM – 10:05 AM Lightning Talks: Research Highlights

10:05 AM – 10:35 AM Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
10:35 AM – 11:35 AM Morning Technical Session

11:35 AM – 12:40 PM Lunch and Poster Viewing
12:40 PM – 01:30 PM Afternoon Panel
Cinnamon Rolls Cure Diabetes: Deception, Disinformation, and Controversy in Online Health Information
David Kaufman PhD, Catherine Arnott Smith PhD, Alla Keselman PhD, Anita Murcko MD FACP
01:30 PM – 02:30 PM Afternoon Technical Session

02:30 PM – 03:00 PM Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
03:00 PM – 03:15 PM Lightning Talks: Research Highlights 

03:30 PM – 04:20 PM Closing Keynote Sally Okun RN
04:20 PM – 04:30 PM Closing Remarks


Opening Keynote: Bongshin Lee, PhD

Bongshin Lee Profile ImageBongshin Lee is a Senior Researcher in the EPIC group at Microsoft Research. Lee explores innovative ways for people to create visualizations, interact with data, and share data-driven stories. The recent focus of her research is on helping people explore data about themselves and share meaningful insights with others by leveraging visualization. Lee recently served as a General Co-Chair for IEEE PacificVis 2017, and served as Papers Co-Chair for IEEE InfoVis 2015 and 2016. She currently serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE TVCG. She earned both her MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from the University of Maryland at College Park in 2002 and 2006, respectively.

Closing Keynote: Sally Okun, RN

Sally Okun Profile Image Sally Okun is Vice President for Advocacy, Policy and Patient Safety at PatientsLikeMe. Sally ensures the patient voice, represented in PatientsLikeMe’s member community, is heard, collected and disseminated for better treatment, services, and care. She actively participates in national and international policy discussions on the benefits of sharing health data and ensuring patient perspectives are at the forefront of health and healthcare. Sally oversees PLM’s Research Collaboration Agreement with the FDA and the company’s role with the Participant Technology Center for the NIH All of Us Research Program.

Sally joined PLM in 2008 to oversee the medical ontology, curation of patient data and development of the Drug Safety platform. She regularly participates in policy workshops and forums and has contributed to numerous peer-reviewed publications, discussion and white papers including Vital Signs, a consensus report of the National Academy of Medicine.

Her expertise is frequently sought on topics ranging from empowering patient partnerships to advancing the science of patient-generated health data. A registered nurse for over four decades, she specialized in palliative and end-of-life care. In addition to her nursing education, she completed her graduate work at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management and was a NLM Fellow in Biomedical Informatics.


Original Research

A Comparative In-Situ Study of Two Medication Reconciliation Interfaces in Pre-Operative Nurse Assessments
Benjamin Duncan MS, Andrew Solomon MS, Bradley Doebbeling MD MSc, David Kaufman PhD
Achieving Problem–Solution Fit in Digital Health Implementation
Magdalene Au BHSc, Sabrina K. Tang BASc MHSc, Payal Agarwal, BASc MD, Jay Shaw PT PhD, Daniel Cornejo Palma MD, Laura Desveaux PT PhD, Illaha Tahir HBSc MMI, Onil Bhattacharyya MD PhD
Alexa, Start Living Healthy!
Omar Metwally MD, Blake Gregory MD
Biobank Participants’ Preferences for Research Updates: Tailoring Communication Services
Lochan Shah BS, Casey L. Overby PhD
Considerations for Using the Asynchronous Remote Communities (ARC) Method in Health Informatics Research
Julia C. Dunbar, Ciabhan L. Connelly, Juan F. Maestre MS, Haley MacLeod MS, Katie Siek PhD, Patrick C. Shih PhD
Decision Making In Online Health Communities: What Can We Learn From Member Choice Inquiries
Jing Zhang MS, Jina Huh PhD
Dementia Caregivers’ Engagement of Informal and Formal Supports and the Potential Role of Consumer Health Information Technology (poster)
Anna Jolliff, Andrea Gilmore-Bykovskyi PhD RN, Laura Block BS, Nicole E. Werner PhD
Designing Health Information Technologies to Support Integrated Care
Karina Caro PhD, Kenneth B. Nimley MS, Allison N. Spiller BS, Nicole Tomy BS, Gabriela Marcu PhD
Developing an Interactive Social Network Analysis Tool to Explore Activity Patterns on an Online Health Knowledge Sharing Platform
Danny T.Y. Wu PhD MS, Wu-Chen Su MS, Paul Murdock, Divyay Gupta, Aniket Mahurkar, Nameeta Raj, Supraja Sivaramakrishnan, Daniel J. McLinden EdD, Dong-Gil Ko PhD
Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a Patient Portal Messaging for Research Recruitment Service
Kelly T. Gleason, RN BSN PhD(c), Daniel E. Ford MD MPH, Diana Gumas MS, Maureen Meyer BS, Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb RN ANP PhD FAAN
Evaluation of Different Modalities for Self Measuring Impulsivity
Jason Waterman PhD George Whiteside, Hongyi Wen, Dylan Horowitz, JP Pollak PhD, Deborah Estrin PhD
Exploring New Design Factors for Electronic Interventions to Prevent College Students from Excessive Drinking by Using Personal Breathalyzers
Aehong Min MS, Patrick C. Shih, PhD
Interactive Systems in Mental & Behavioral Health
Jessica A. Pater MS, Tammy Toscos PhD, Nazanin Andalibi MS, John Torous MD
Investigating Unintentional Medication Non-Adherence to Inform Technology Design
Clara Caldeira BS, Sripriya Komarlingam Natarajan MS, Yunan Chen PhD
Just-in-Time Design: In Situ Methods for Capturing and Articulating Adolescents’ Illness Experiences
Matthew K. Hong MS, Udaya Lakshmi BS, Lauren Wilcox PhD
Listening to Users: Older Adults Have Ideas on How to Improve Patient Portals
Yuqi He MLIS
Mobile Technologies for Grief Support: Prototyping an Application to Support the Bereaved
Anna N. Baglione BS, Maxine M. Girard, Meagan Price, James Clawson PhD, Patrick C. Shih PhD
Patient–Provider Communication: Improving Patients’ Comprehension of Their Care
Ji Youn Shin, John Marshall, David Bozaan, Franc Nunoo-Quarcoo, Sun Young Park
Perceived Usefulness and Acceptance of Telestration in Laparoscopic Training
Yuanyuan Feng MS, Jatin Chhikara MS, Jordan Ramsey BS, Helena M. Mentis MS PhD
Small Data Privacy Protection: An Exploration of the Utility of Anonymized Data of People with Rare Diseases
Haley MacLeod MS, Jacob Abbott MS, Sameer Patil PhD
Too Many Conditions, Too Little Time: Designing Technological Intervention for Patients with Type-2 Diabetes and Discordant Chronic Comorbidities
Tom Ongwere, Gabrielle Cantor, Sergio Ramirez Martin, Patrick Shih, James Clawson, Kay Connelly
Turning to Bioethics to Inform the Design of Health Technologies
Amanda Lazar PhD
Understanding Informal Caregiver Needs for the Development of a Care Coordination Tool
Portia E. Singh  PhD, Payaal Patel MA, Mladen Milosevic PhD

Research Highlights

Comprehensive Process Model of Clinical Information Interaction in Primary Care: Results of a “Best-Fit” Framework Synthesis
Tiffany C. Veinot MLS PhD, Charles R. Senteio MBA MSW PhD, David Hanauer, Julie C. Lowery MHSA PhD
Developing Visual Thinking in the Electronic Health Record
Andrew Boyd, Christine D. Younga, Margret Amatayakulb, Michael G Dietera, Lawrence M Pawolaa
Narratives of Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Their Caregivers
Galina Madjaroff
Self-Tracking for Fertility Care: Collaborative Support for a Highly-Personalized Problem
Mayara C. Figueiredo MS, Clara Caldeira BS, Tera L. Reynolds MS, Sean Victory, BS, Kai Zheng PhD, Yunan Chen PhD
The Use of High Fidelity Scenario Based Mockups in Formative User Testing and Requirements Gathering for a Clinical Decision Support Intervention for Whole Exome Sequencing
J. W. Pennington, Dean J. Karavite, E. M. Krause,  J. Miller, B. A. Bernhardt, R. W. Grundmeier
Understanding Exergames as an Approach to Health and Wellness Activities for Older Adults
Christina N. Harrington PhD, Wendy A Rogers PhD